Her-it-age ('heritij) Denotes a traditional product regarded as emblematic of fine craftsmanship. 


Stitching not only adds to the handmade charm of a leather piece, it also creates strength in the multiple layers of leather. All stitch seams are lock stitched with the same machine that  saddles are built with, creating a durable stitch line.

Good work ain't Cheap,
Cheap Work Aint good.

~Sailor Jerry

As you shop around for the perfect piece, price should become less of a concern and more of an investment. Not only an investment in your leather, but in the lives of each hand  involved in the process and their families. Helping support the small business that pours their heart and soul into something this speical is an amercian tradition.


Leather goods are known for their durability. A vegetable tanned leather creates items that will stand the test of time and become treasured family heirlooms. 

The Devil's In The Details

It's the little things that create a leathersmith's "signature" on a piece of leather. Each piece I do is made to order and receives the attention to detail that it deserves. Regardless of time frames.


Hand Tooled

Hand tooled original designs give your piece a personality as unique as the individual that owns it. 

Hand Painted

Hand painted details can help bring a piece to life and add personality to a design.

Vintage Styling

Each piece is made with a passion for the time honored traditions of leathersmithing. This level of love creates a piece that will last a lifetime and age beautifully with use. 

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