Since the radio strap is custom made to fit you it's important I get an accurate measurement to ensure a proper fit. First thing's first though, in order to measure for one of these you need to know how to PROPERLY wear one. I know, I know this is one of hose things that's up for debate, but read the info first then you can make an informed decision. Follow this LINK to learn about wearing a radio strap.  You can also read the entire study done by Fairfax County on radio straps here.

 Think about where you want your radio to ride. Not so low on the hip that you can't reach it and not too high that it will restrict movement and you'll want the antenna outside of your coat from under the bottom edge. Using a soft tape measure, start where you want top of the radio to set come up and across your chest, around the neck and down your back to the starting point. Don't worry, there will be plenty of adjustment in half inch increments to get the fit just like you want it.Type your paragraph here.

Measuring For A Radio Strap

Each belt is tailor made to fit you perfectly. You'll want to be as precise as you can here. But don't fret, there is plenty of adjustment in every belt to get the perfect fit. Guys, just because you wear a size 32 pants DOES NOT mean you need a 32" belt. Please be sure to measure twice so we only have to cut once.

Measuring For A Belt

 Measuring For Suspenders

Since every pair of suspenders I make is custom made to fit you, it's very important we get an accurate measurement from you. It doesn't matter if your bunker pants are the Globe style with snaps or the classic 8 button style, the process is the same.

Put your bunker pants on and adjust your current straps to the position you like to wear your pants. Take a soft tape measure and start at the front attachment point, go up and over the shoulder and down to the rear attachment point. (if you don't have a soft tape measure then check with your wife, if you still don't have one then just use a piece of string and measure the piece of string with whatever tape measure you can find) As the saying goes, Measure twice and cut once. So, MEASURE TWICE ON EACH SIDE so we can make sure the fit is as perfect as possible. The suspenders are built with  plenty of adjustment to accommodate any changes in your body through out your career.